Show MP3's: 

Summer of of 1992 - Jason and Andy 

August 15th, 1992 -  Jason and Andy (Jason calls Paddy Duddy from Rusty Nails)

February 15th, 1990 - Andy and guest Dennis Y.  The show was still called Grotesque Noise Error 
August 1989 - With members of Vancouver band Sludge.  This is total drunken debauchery! 

Feb 10th, 1989 - Pretty sure this is my first show, or maybe second.  But totally nervous.  Oh well. History!

May 11 1991 - With Bill, Andy and Steve occasionally heard in the background.

April 1991 - With Andy, Bill, Jason and Aaron

April 1989 - With Andy and Reece the Mad Butcher


More to come as I digitize old shows.  These shows are all incomplete as mostly recorded to 90 minute cassette tape.