Club Grotesque was a radio show that started on CJIV at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby B.C.,  February of 1989.  It's original time slot was Saturday mornings from 2:00 AM to 6:00 AM and was called The What Noise!? Show (and then Grotesque Noise Error) but got extended from Midnight to 6:00 AM after only a couple shows.  Eventually the show moved to Saturday nights from 10:00 PM to Midnight and the radio station changed it's call letters to CJSF.


Andy "Grotesque" Gronberg was the original host joined by many co-hosts over the next few years.  Aaron Brown (check out his show at CiTR: Generation Annihilation ) was one of the first to co-host on a regular basis in 1989.  Then for a short time in the summer of '89 was joined by Reece The Mad Butcher who brought a lot more heavy metal to the show.  Then in 1991 two guys were sent up to be trained, their names were Bill and Jason.  


Sometime in 1992 Andy wanted a break from the show and asked if Bill and Jason could take over. Andy would still sometimes go up and co-host but he was no longer a full time host.


In early 1993  Bill decided to no longer be involved with the show so Andy came back for the year plus it was Andy and Jason hosting the show in a regular basis.


In mid 1994 both Andy and Jason had gotten tired of coming up to Burnaby Mountain every Saturday night.  A proclamation was made on air: "we're quitting the show unless we get a phone call".  Nobody called and that was the end of Club Grotesque.


But Club Grotesque did live on as a distro and record label for several years after the demise of the radio show which was run by Jason and Andy.  Jason released the Wade Free Vacouver compilation and Wade Free Wherever compilation and along with the help of the bands the Sludge / Rusty Nails 7"


Show MP3's: 

Summer of of 1992 - Jason and Andy 

August 15th, 1992 -  Jason and Andy (Jason calls Paddy Duddy from Rusty Nails)

February 15th, 1990 - Andy and guest Dennis Y.  The show was still called Grotesque Noise Error 
August 1989 - With members of Vancouver band Sludge.  This is total drunken debauchery! 

Feb 10th, 1989 - Pretty sure this is my first show, or maybe second.  But totally nervous.  Oh well. History!

May 11 1991 - With Bill, Andy and Steve occasionally heard in the background.

April 1991 - With Andy, Bill, Jason and Aaron

April 1989 - With Andy and Reece the Mad Butcher


More to come as I digitize old shows.  These shows are all incomplete as mostly recorded to 90 minute cassette tape.